Leadership is defined in many ways by different people in different contexts. We view leadership as the responsibility to recognize and bring out the potential of those who look up to the leader.

If leadership is to be meaningful, it must come with the ability to listen. To hear the needs of those being led and map out a realistic way to have those needs met or reevaluate them together.

Leadership is not about a single person or their particular point of view, but about the aspirations of every person they are leading. A leader does not exercise authority based…

Mental Health continues to be ignored or bypassed in various communities around the world. Even though church and faith-spaces are meant to provide hope and strength, they become a part of the problem when they ignore mental health issues. While this particular podcast may center around the Black Church, we simply use this as a prism for how mental health is approached across communities.

Our generation has the power to change the way faith, ministry and mental health intersect for communities to thrive. We must recognize that mental health does not only occur on an individual level but also at…

Many of us are prone to black and white thinking. It seems easier to assume that things are one way or the other. But, life is all about the shades of grey. Ironically, accepting the complexity of life can lead to a simpler way of living. It allows us to think beyond the constraints of a binary (only two pathways), and instead see the unlimited possibilities.

Be it academia, community organising, entrepreneurship or life in general, we cannot solve anything without fully understanding the problem itself. So often we take for granted that we understand the problem, yet our perspectives…

We are two Harvard Divinity scholars who created Keeping It Real. because we believe academia desperately needs to be translated from the classroom to the community. Right now, there is a clear disconnect between relevant scholarship and its application to reality as we know it. Without bridging this gap, the very purpose of the academy is undermined.

Keeping It Real. is a safe space for dialogue about the nature of humanity as it reflects through various systemic oppression. While we emerge from the perspective of the African and Indian Diasporas, our conversations extend well beyond. …

Ebony & Malini

Two Harvard Divinity Scholars who believe academia needs to extend beyond the classroom into our communities.

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